Let’s face it…if you’re here, you’re probably a teensy bit obsessed with your pet. You’re compassionate and independent and possibly a bookworm. You’re definitely not worried about getting a little dirty. You love to snuggle your furry family members, especially on a rainy afternoon. Your pets know as soon as that phone or camera is aimed at them, no doggie treat in the world is going to buy their cooperation. That’s where I come in!

At Fuzzy Love Photography, I design a unique, custom experience of creating beautiful memories with your pet that are transformed into works of art.

I have a plethora of tips and tricks up my sleeve and in my camera bag for even the most excitable pets. All it takes is a fraction of a second to capture incredible images so no worries if your dog isn’t into “posing”. I’ve got it covered.

My mission is to capture the moments, mannerisms, expressions and love that make your pet exceptional; all while resisting the urge to babble at them in baby talk. But let’s be honest, resistance is futile!


Client Reviews

Warm Fuzzies

Stephen H.

Dawn has an incredible eye for pet photography, not to mention a rapport with animals that is beyond compare. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who loves their pets and wishes to capture their personality forever!

Karen B.

I have been watching some of the work that Dawn does and I knew I had to go to her when my corgi was diagnosed with lymphoma and we were told her time was short. I wanted something that reflected her completely – but I didn’t want it smaltzy or morose. Dawn spent time asking me about her personality and stories. We both laughed and cried and I knew Dawn “got her”. She was extremely responsive to me on everything we decided. What I got in the end was exactly what I wanted – and it is stunning. We decided to have it printed on metal and I could not anything more. She really is the best in the industry.

Jeff M.

Dawn was a joy to work with. From the first inquiry I sent to receiving our final photos, she was nothing short of amazing. We are new dog owners and didn’t know what to expect. With two puppies, we knew that whoever was taking pictures would have their hands full! Not to mention our 3 kids under 11 years old… Dawn picked an amazing location after asking what we were looking for, made us all feel very comfortable (including the puppies!), and took so many awesome photos. We LOVE our pictures. She captured our family, and especially our puppies, perfectly. Thank you!

Shelter Work

Since the beginning of 2017, I’ve had the privilege of working with the incredible and devoted staff at the Utah Animal Adoption Center photographing the cats and kittens just waiting for their forever homes; such as Baby Godzilla pictured here on the job, as photographer’s assistant.

If you find yourself in the market for a new fuzzy family member, please consider adoption. No matter the breed or personality you’re looking for, I can practically guarantee if you venture in, you’ll fall in love.

1955 N Redwood Rd,

Salt Lake City, UT 84116



You know the drill

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Questions? Ideas for your portrait session? Do you have a project proposal you’d like to collaborate on? I love hearing from you and get ridiculously excited to discuss upcoming photography projects. Get in touch with me and I’ll respond to your queries as quickly as I can.

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    What Should I Wear?

    This is going to depend on a few factors such as the location of the shoot, what color your pets are, and most important, what you feel comfortable in and makes you feel good. These are details that we’ll discuss during our pre-session consultation.

    What If It Rains?

    As much as I love a sopping wet pup with spiky fur sticking out every which way, I understand this is probably not what you have in mind. We will simply reschedule for a later date with no fees incurred.

    My Dog is impossible to get pics of

    I have plenty of tricks and treats up my sleeve to ensure I capture a good selection of images for you to choose from. Often, shots of your doggo showing off it’s personality make some of the best photos!

    I have specific poses in mind

    No one knows your pet better than you do. If you have specific poses in mind with a favorite toy or your pet has a unique trick you would like memorialized, we can absolutely capture that.


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