Last month, I was nose-deep in the Salty Dogs book project and didn’t have time for photos and an interview for my monthly blog spotlight. So I totally cheated with a 2016 throwback to when I was going to school for English Literature and New Media, trying to find my way, and pregnant with a little human parasite draining my life force on the daily.

I had the opportunity to interview and shadow the incredible Gwinevere Shuster with the Utah Humane Society who had come up with a unique format featuring the animals up for adoption. It was so popular, it went viral and she even published a book, Shelter Dogs in a Photo Booth showcasing some of the animals and her unique take on photographing these dogs.

The interview ended up being published as the cover story in City Weekly. Her book, which I have a copy of and LOVE, is currently available on Amazon. 👌🏻

You can find the City Weekly story HERE.

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