Happy New Year…in February. *ahem* It would seem I’ve fallen a tad behind with keeping up with my blog. The reason why? It’s because I had an overly ambitious goal to completely revamp my website.
My previous site was pretty simple and basic. My galleries were all on the home page and you’d scroll through each to view the images. Easy peasy.
With a new year coming up, I decided on an entirely new website theme and took on WordPress. No, I’m not a web designer or developer or have had any education in the field whatsoever. But really, how hard could it possibly be?
There’s a reason people go to school for this sort of thing. There’s a reason there are hundreds of books and hours of online tutorials teaching people how to not completely bungle a perfectly fine website.
Every little thing took me hours to figure out how to do. And even then, I’d do it wrong. Which is why it’s taken me a few months to get this new show up and running and why I’ve fallen woefully behind in posting as of late.
In all honesty, if it weren’t for my partner, who IS a university educated web developer, I’d have taken a metaphorical sledgehammer to my site about 2 months ago. Perhaps even a literal sledgehammer. In trying to do this myself, it’s taken three times as long as it should have. I’m pretty sure it would have been much easier to have had him do it from the start rather than spend hours trying to undo the mistakes I inadvertently made. Not once did he complain. Because he is the patron saint of web design. And I, a web developing fraud.
                                             Welcome to 2019 everyone!!!


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