In my last post I mentioned meeting a very special client at the Pet Expo.

Candy was there with two of her dogs but mentioned the pup she wanted photos of was at home.

His name is Chewy. Chewy Snickerdoodle to be precise.

She had recently learned he had cancer and they had exhausted all the available treatments for him.

He was slowing down and with her heart breaking, she knew she wanted some photos to remember him by.

We scheduled Chewy’s session and when the day came, I was thrilled to see it was actually his birthday that week and his Mama had come prepared!

He was an absolute champ throughout the entire session and Candy later told me Chewy had a really good day, which made her happy.

Sadly, he wasn’t able to stick around much longer and had to make the trek across the rainbow bridge.

Candy is positive he’s now her little guardian angel looking over her. He was/is such a sweet little soul and I feel so privileged to have been able to meet him. Hope to see you again one day Chewy. You are incredibly loved.


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