A year ago this month, our cat Kitten (yes, her name is Kitten) went missing in an area where a bobcat had recently been seen. In her 12 years with us, she had never missed dinner and spent every evening curled up on Erik’s lap. When she didn’t come home, we feared the worst.
Miraculously, after a week of being gone, we woke up to find her right outside curled up on a bench looking a little worse for wear but alive. Since she went missing I’ve wondered what had happened to her.

In February I finally found out through speaking with Patty Rayman, a pet psychic.

"I was born with the ability to communicate with animals and they have always been my best teachers."

From an early age, Patty was born with the ability to communicate with animals. She would see pictures in her head and realized they were coming from animals sharing their stories with her and she understood what they were saying!Helping animals and people create respectful partnerships has been her passion for many years. She has clients worldwide and believes that anyone who loves an animal has the ability to connect with them on a deeper level.

She has written her own book to help pet owners do just that. It’s called Humans Think. Animals Feel. Finding Common Ground Between You And Your Animal Companion. If you’re in Utah, you can find it at The King’s English bookstore, Sam Weller and The Dog’s Meow. It’s also available on Amazon.

“The first part of this book explains some of the differences in how humans and animals think. Humans are verbal, logical and often preoccupied with the past or the future. Animals, however, think in pictures, are emotionally aware and live in the present. Our brains are different, but we can choose to think like animals and this ability is essential in getting them to cooperate with us.”

Between trying out some of the techniques in Patty’s book along with utilizing the information provided in Milo and Kitten’s reading, I feel like it’s brought me closer to Milo and helped me to understand him and his needs a little better.
AND we finally found out what happened to Kitten during the week she went AWOL.
Patty started off by telling me that Milo is a very healthy dog but that he’s jealous of Kitten. She is the Queen of the household. She dominates everything and likes it that way.
The week she went missing, she inadvertently became trapped in a shed and had been unable to escape. If it weren’t for the fact that Milo is constantly glued to my side, after learning of his jealousy of Kitten, I may have wondered if he had anything to do with her unwanted vacation.
Kitten, before life went horribly awry for a week.

Kitten loves her house and is very devoted to Erik. Cats have one person they’re supposed to be with and a contract is made before anyone is born. She said Milo and I have that same thing; that we’re soul mates.

Kitten is very content and her world is pretty perfect. She likes to be warm and doesn’t need anything. When she wants attention you don’t really have any  choice. She’ll get more insistent as she gets older. It means everything to her and it’s worth giving her that.

Me and my fuzzy soulmate, Milo.

About Milo she said, he is very happy. He loved life before a certain little human came along when it was just he and I. He blames Rowan for me being so tired.Though he is empathetic he needs more 1 on 1 time with me. As far as he’s concerned, our life was perfect before but I was restless. He worries when I’m stressed because it’s his job to look after me. When I get frazzled, he’s working hard to hold it together.
He’s content being an only dog. When I’m having a bad day, I need to let him do his job which is to heal me. I am his job and his purpose which is to make me happy and keep me healthy.

There was so much more information about these two precious animals but I’m afraid this post is lengthy enough. Opening the door of communication between humans and animals is the most meaningful part of Patty’s life. She admits that to be a good pet psychic takes patience, good emotional boundaries and lint rollers. Lots of lint rollers. If you’d like to learn more about getting a reading for your own pet, Patty can be reached through her website https://www.pattypetpsychic.com/

If you’d like to be entered to win your very own copy of Humans Think. Animals Feel. Simply leave a comment below or on the Instagram post about Patty and a random winner will be chosen on April 30th.


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