Holy cannoli this has been a hot and busy summer! Despite my anxieties telling me it’s the worst idea I’ve ever come up with, I attended my very first expo as a vendor. It was the Salt Lake Pet Expo, oddly enough held in Ogden.

It was exhausting but SO. MUCH. FUN. I got to meet so many cool, sweet, drooly, amazing dogs; I was definitely in my happy place. I had a little photo booth set up behind my table for people to get photos of their puppers. I was worried no one would be interested but it turned out to be a success! They kept me hopping!

This big guy, Malykai the Great Dane, was one of my favorites. He clearly was not about to fit on the bench I brought but he was a star and it worked out perfectly.

It’s probably no surprise that I think Tongue Out Tuesday may be the best day of the week ever.







And then there was this little bundle. He belonged to the booth next door and kept sneaking under the cloth divider to say hi. His owner was just fine with me bribing him to come back with multiple treats.

All in all, a great experience and there was one special client I ended up meeting that if for no other reason, was worth the effort of the Expo. I’ll write about her and her sweet pup next post. Stay tuned!

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