A fellow I know owns a beautiful black cat with the most stunning green eyes named Elenor. She’s an inside/outside cat that he never got spayed.
Naturally, she became pregnant and gave birth to 4 cute little fluff balls that I instantly fell in love with. For various reasons, the kittens ended up coming home with me and it was my responsibility to re-home them.

 Not a problem, I thought. I mean, they’re adorable baby kittens. Everyone loves kittens. They’ll be adopted by the end of the day. I snapped some pics of them, posted them on a local adoption site, and sat back waiting to sift through the plethora of inquiries that were about to bombard my phone. I’d probably have to wait, maximum, 20 minutes before the first “customer”. 

Wrong. It’s springtime. This means baby everythings are getting themselves born. After nearly two weeks, I still have one more kitten that needs a home.
I couldn’t understand why it was proving so difficult to get these sweet babies adopted when my Mom spoke up saying, well honey, they’re a dime a dozen.
Um, I’M sorry. But they are NOT. Until I went online and saw yeah, they are. I mean, to me, each of these little bundles are so special and it’s been so fun seeing each of their little personalities coming out. But my Mom, in a sense, was right. (Per usual) The facebook adoption page, KSL, Craigslist, and every single shelter has SO MANY KITTENS that need homes.
And this really frustrates me. So many of these sweet, precious, living creatures end up in shelters because of plain old irresponsibility. And so, as a sort of PSA, I’ve compiled a semi-comprehensive list of reasons you should spay or neuter your cat.
1. It helps reduce the overpopulation in shelters. Seriously you guys. There are SO many sweet cats already in shelters that would really love to find a safe and nurturing home.
2. Your sleep will improve. When the neighborhood tomcat comes round ready to seduce the lovely Elenors of the hood, those aren’t sweet nothings he’ll be whispering in her ear. I’ve been startled out of sleep by the screeching yowls of enough Marvin Gaye inspired activities to last me a lifetime.
3. Female cats that are spayed CAN’T get uterine cancers and male cats that are neutered CAN’T get testicular cancer. Thus, you get to enjoy the companionship of your feline friends for up to 40% longer. And no, for once in my life, I’m not arbitrarily making up statistics. I actually used the google for this.
4. This reason, for me, is the most upsetting and ties in with reason #1. more than 2.7 million healthy, adoptable cats (and dogs) are euthanized in shelters annually. I don’t think I need to elaborate.
5. Last but certainly not least, (okay, definitely the least important and possibly not even true) it will make you a good person and equally good karma will follow you all the rest of your days.

This particular little girl was the only one of the litter adventurous enough to explore the vase. Bravest little kitten. She mewed once and I took her out only for her to immediately wander back in. #Getoutandexplore


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