Monday’s aren’t usually my favorite day of the week. However, yesterday? Yesterday was a particularly good Monday.

I made a run to the store to buy some pico de gallo, (completely irrelevant and it wasn’t even for me. Also irrelevant) and on my way out, I glanced over to the magazine rack and did a double take as I saw a very familiar face looking back at me. It was Stella!

Before my babe Milo was even born, I had told one of my best friends of my plans to adopt a little border collie/husky mutt from this soon to be litter. To say he was adamantly opposed to the idea would be a gross understatement. In fact, he had me in tears over the whole thing. Nevertheless, I decided to trust myself and went ahead with the adoption.

At this time, my friend and I were playing in a sand volleyball league together and I brought baby Milo to one of our games. My friend met Milo, inevitably fell in love and adopted Milo’s twin of the litter, Stella.

This sassy little girl is about half the size of Milo but has absolutely no trouble putting him in his place. It’s been so much fun watching them grow up and play together these last 4 years. This particular shot was taken while on our way to a play date at the park. I asked my friend to drive so I could grab my camera and dangle (SAFELY) out the car window while Stella got her summer groove on.

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