Earlier this year, my family and I decided to get outta dodge for a while and booked it to Canyonlands National Park.
Erik and Rowan up front, because Ro’s car seat didn’t fit in the back. Which left myself and Milo in the back…of a Tacoma…NOT the extended cab version. I knew it was going to be a long, squashy, uncomfortable four hours for the both of us.
My sweet Milo is perfect in every way. Almost every way. His road-tripping limit is usually around 45 minutes at which point he will quietly tuck his head into the corner of the backseat and proceed to evacuate his stomach is wet, squelching heaves.
Knowing I would be in such close proximity to the possibility of this objectionable outcome, I decided to take proactive measures.

Which led me to Pup Oils, which are essential oil blends for your dog. I perused their website, checked out the ingredients, read the reviews, and decided this would be Milo’s, and my, saving grace.
What I DIDN’T do was to plan ahead. Which meant my order of Sick Pup wouldn’t arrive before we left for our trip.

Unless you’re hardcore into anti-consumerism, chances are you experience some form of customer service on a daily basis. Be it good, such as the speediness of Chick-fil-A and their cheery “my pleasure” upon receiving a thank you. Or bad, such as the kid at the Smiths check-out line sitting on the counter and not bothering to jump down before running the conveyor belt and scanning my groceries while steadfastly avoiding eye contact.

Another example of great customer service is when a business learns of a customer’s problem they brought on themselves by sheer lack of planning and pet neglect and the company not only comes up with a solution for them but goes out of their way to hand-deliver said solution.

This is exactly what Lexi with Pup Oils did. She learned that my order would not arrive in time so she made arrangements to meet me in Draper to hand me my order in person. How many businesses do you know that treat their customers this well? The money she spent on gas was probably more than the total of my order. And I was ecstatic to report my sweet Milo was able to keep his kibble down during the entire trip.

I was so impressed I asked Lexi to be one of the monthly spotlights and I got to meet her two babies, Davinci and Bishop, for a brief photo session.

She grew up in a town called Ferron, Utah. Being geographically stunted when it comes to Utah towns other than Salt Lake City, I googled it. It’s about 2.5 hours south of SLC with a population of 1,626 as of the 2010 census. I’m doubtful it’s grown into a booming metropolis since then but hey, this coming from the ignoramus who’d never even heard of it until 2 minutes ago.
Under, “What is Ferron Utah known for?” I got this: “He agreed to the “dunking” and the creek became known as Ferron’s Creek. Ferron’s Town was settled a few years later and eventually, the “s” was dropped and the town and creek became known as “Ferron”.
Do with that what you will.
The most impressive point of interest I found was under, “Is Ferron Safe?”
The answer: “How would you rate the amount of crime in Ferron? Excellent. There is virtually no crime in this area.”
Okay, I’m so sorry for dragging you down this rabbit hole with me. I found it interesting. Because I’m middle-aged. And don’t get out anymore.
An interesting fact about herself she shared is “I only have one side of my body tattooed. (promised my cute mom I would keep one side clean for family pics)”.
Not quite the same but as a Mother’s Day gift one year, I removed my nose ring. She cried. Apparently, she REALLY didn’t like it.
A little about the business in In Lexi’s own words:

We started our company by creating essential oil blends for tattoo aftercare because I have extremely sensitive skin. We’ve now branched out into blends for permanent cosmetics, beards, baby bumps, and of course our favorite pups!

Pup Oils are essential oil blends to keep your pup happy and healthy. We take the worry and guessing out of using essential oils with your dog. All our blends are therapeutic-grade essential oils diluted perfectly for pups. Blends can be used directly on your pup, in a diffuser, on a Pup Pak bandana, or favorite blanket or toy.

For her photos, I asked her to meet in the parking lot of the Southtown Mall. She didn’t even hesitate or question the seemingly random location. Her boys, Bishop and Davinci were two of the sweetest pups I’ve yet to meet. I was instantly in love.
I asked her about their names and how they came into her life.

“I’m a little over the top when it comes to names so my boys have a tattoo name, gangsta name, harry potter name, and they took my last name!
Davinci (tattoo needle) Blood Money (after the late Floyd Money, my first boxer) Protego (protection spell) Petersen.
Bishop (tattoo company) Murder (he’s all black, like a murdered out car) Mosmorde (killing spell) Petersen.”

“I knew I wanted another boxer as soon as the house was too quiet after losing Floyd. I searched and searched for the right pup, who ended up being in New Mexico. I couldn’t go pick up DaVinci for 4 weeks so I recklessly kept looking. I found Bishop and he was the tiniest cutest puppy in the history of ever, he was also a boxer shar pei accident which are my two favorite breeds, so I ended up with two puppies at the same time!! It was a disaster.”

Sounds like the best kind of disaster to me.

One thing she’d like  people to know: “If you are new to essential oils and have questions, please ASK! Knowledge is key to using them effectively with your pup and I LOVE helping hoomans and their furry babies feel better!”

You can find pup oils and catch some glimpses of Bishop and Davinci  at

@pup_oils and @ink_oil or learn more  on their  website: at www.shoppupoils.com


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