In this current age of mass online consumption and communication, so much can get lost in translation. Tone is missed, sarcasm misunderstood and the result becomes complicated. It’s usually pretty difficult to get a sense of the real person behind the technology.

That was not the case with Christine. She contacted me last year with a request. I was not able to accommodate her request but offered an alternative solution we were both happy with. From her very first email, I got the impression she was a positive, warm individual. What an understatement that turned out to be.

After a number of email communications back and forth, I finally got to meet her, her husband, and her 3 dogs for a photo session. She’s the genuine article guys. She was friendly, excited for her session and just a blast to be around. I had a chance later on to hear just a snippet of her story and guys, she’s a freaking badass. It’s not my story to tell but good gravy miss mavy, she’s freaking amazing.

So it’s my absolute pleasure to share a little more with you about her and her business, Pure Paws.

We are the Heningers and we own Pure Paws in Holladay. A small family-owned holistic pet store.
I have been into health and nutrition for over 17 years. I even tried to start my own raw food business for humans back in 2013, but raw food was not very common back then. It didn’t succeed, but I tried and enjoyed the good very much. 😉 Before we decided to open up the shop, I was working for a nutritionist.
My rescue named Sky started having seizures at 5 years old, and the meds were affecting her terribly. I started seeing a holistic vet, who helped us get on a natural healing path. This got my wheels turning. These natural products were helping her as they help us as humans. Watching her have seizure after seizure is one of the most terrifying things to witness. It ripped my heart out every time it happened. 
Our domesticated pets need nutrition probably more than us, especially when they are living on kibble, which is super processed. Antioxidants, digestive enzymes, probiotics, real Whole Foods, even if it’s giving your dog a raw topper on top of their kibble is the goal. Feeding better-made kibble.
Opening with very little funds was a major roadblock. Making rent and enough money to replenish for the first year was difficult. Yet every month we did. Finding out our Hurley had cancer, the same day I received the keys to our shop, and having to care for him the entire month while trying to get the shop ready was rough as was unexpected competition shortly after we opened.
Winning Best of Holladay Pet Care and Nutrition three years in a row, has been super encouraging. It tells me that I’m helping pets and their humans, which is exactly what I want to be doing. It is my passion. It is validation that I am doing what I was called to do. I’m a huge animal lover and advocate.
The most rewarding part of this journey has been getting to help people with their pets. Seeing animals thrive and live a lot longer. I think that’s every dog and cat owner’s goal, is to have them stick around as long as possible and be healthy. Losing a pet is almost unbearable, we know. We lost Hurley in July. But he lived an extra 3 years after his cancer was removed, and I truly believe it was the change in food and all the added vitamins and CBD. The earth has provided us with everything we need to thrive and this goes for animals. 
On top of all that, the relationships that have formed out of our shop have been a huge blessing. We adore our customers.

We truly want to help and love what we do. We are committed to smaller companies that make great quality products. Products that work. We won’t sell what we wouldn’t give our own pets (furbabies). We are a small but mighty store. Our convictions run deep, we won’t compromise on ingredients and products. And we want our customers to feel at home here. Tears. Smiles. Trust.

Click HERE for more information about Pure Paws.

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